Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shame on Me? No Thanks, I'll Pass.

Anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.
Romans 10:11 (emphasis mine)

Am I the only believer who sometimes experiences feelings of inadequacy, frustration, disappointment and a nagging suspicion that I don’t measure up to God’s standards? Do others have those persistent voices that remind them of their failures, defeats and less than shining moments?

            “If you really were a Christian you would or wouldn’t do...”;
            “If you really believe, you wouldn’t have any questions or doubts”;
            “If you really had faith that person would have been healed; that mountain                    would’ve moved and you wouldn’t still have this problem.”

For all the super Christians who fly above the fray you can skip this post. This is for those of us not in your league. We’re still “working out our salvation.”

God’s made a very strong commitment to anyone who trusts Him. They will NEVER be put to shame which means to dishonor, humiliate or disappoint.

“God, if it wasn’t for that little word never I could relate to this verse. My problem is this, I’ve been shamed. I’ve experienced first hand dishonor and humiliation. At times I've even been disappointed with You. Your Word tells me that You don’t lie (Titus 1:2) and Your Word is truth. Reality sometimes tells me something different. What gives?”

The answer lies in the root and source of those negative feelings and critical voices that dog us repeatedly. They never are, nor will they ever be from God. Before He created us, God knew what a mess we’d make of things. Adam’s sin and fall from grace didn’t force Him into panic mode to scramble for a Plan B. God had a solution in place before we had the opportunity to foul things up.

Can you picture the Father browbeating Jesus? Why not? “Well,” you respond, “Jesus is perfect. He never makes mistakes, but I do.” Instead of seeing all our faults and failures, God views us through the lenses of his special glasses, the righteousness of His Son Jesus. God’s eyesight is perfect. When He uses His glasses His vision of us is enhanced to where we look just like His Son. What He sees in us is “the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:22. There’s no reason for Him to degrade or debase us.

Why do we still experience shame? Go back to the source, which isn’t God. It comes from our selves, others and our arch enemy satan, never from God.

In the big picture, God’s opinion is the only one that really matters. Those who trust in the Lord can rest because they really are “accepted in the beloved.” Ephesians 1:6

Shame on me? No thanks, I'll pass.

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