Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cloud Storage

Then Solomon said, “The Lord has said that he would dwell in a dark cloud; I have built a magnificent temple for you, a place for you to dwell forever.”
2 Chronicles 6:1-2

The buzzword in technology today is cloud storage. Companies no longer need to maintain servers to store data. Now they can rent space on a server farm from businesses that specializes in this service. You can shop online at Amazon and secure your important information in their cloud. It’s about time we caught up with God. He’s been into cloud storage for a long time.

Clouds contain moisture that turns into rain which refreshes and replenishes the earth. There are irrigation systems but nothing beats rain water. How appropriate that the One who created and sustains all things resides in a cloud which acts as tangible representation of His presence. Clouds provide needed shade from the intense heat of the sun and warmth as they blanket the earth in cold weather. These two aspects depict the nature and character of God.

Solomon is considered one of the wisest men to have lived, but even he didn’t get it right all the time. He believed a temple would be the best place for God to reside as opposed to some ominous dark cloud. “Solomon, did you really think you could build a structure big enough to contain God?” In the entire temple complex there wasn’t one item created that didn’t use God’s own materials. What kind of a present is giving someone a home built entirely out of their resources – not much!

God said He resides in a dark cloud, and He’s free to live where He wants. His dwelling is a place not made by human hands. God is too big to fit into anything constructed by man’s endeavors, regardless of the purity of motive and sincerity of heart. God doesn’t live in buildings. He lives in people; something we can only reproduce but not build from scratch.

God’s cloud’s not dark because He can’t pay His electric bill. God is light. Everything around Him is darkness. He is brilliant and pure. No devise we manufacture can produce enough candle power to match His radiance. When we’re groping around in the dark, we need to get with God; He’s got the light source to help us find our way.

It’s a good thing God didn’t give up His cloud in favor of the temple. Contrary to Solomon’s intentions, his workmanship didn’t last forever. Invading armies destroyed his masterpiece and carried away anything not nailed down. Had He depended on Solomon’s temple for a home sweet home, God would’ve been homeless. No one can take God's cloud from him.

God understands cloud storage on a level we can’t comprehend. Although He has His cloud, God desires a home in each and every one of us; one made by divine and not human hands. When we open up our hearts and lives and invite Him to enter, we become part of His version of cloud storage - the great cloud of witnesses.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing it.

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