Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Made In The Shade

I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand. Isaiah 51:16

“I’ve got it made in the shade! I’ve got a sure thing; a can’t miss, real deal.At least as far as God’s concerned I do. He should know. He’s the shade maker.

I’m a firm believer in global warming but not the type purportedly connected to greenhouse gases. Someone’s turning up the heat on planet earth and it feels like a pressure cooker that could explode at any time. Global finances are in shambles. Our economy can’t escape the effects of reckless spending abroad and here at home. For now we appear to be the best house in a bad neighborhood. Our stock market has risen to giddy heights on fumes of low volume and Federal Reserve manipulation; not a sure foundation by any stretch of one’s imagination.

Political correctness has let us down a path that stifles discussions covering all sides and opinions of an issue. Take the opposite stance and you’re labeled a hatemonger, not just someone who disagrees. We’ve seemed to have lost the ability to distinguish prejudice from preference. In addition, what you said or did twenty or thirty years ago can be used against you. Speaking for myself, no one needs to look back even that far in my life to find mistakes.  I do dumb stuff now.

We’ve so many contradictory laws on our books that the average citizen can easily break several without realizing what they’ve done. If you live in Kennesaw, GA and don’t own a gun, you’re a lawbreaker. There are many others just like this one.

Technology accelerates at a rapid pace. What is state-of-the-art today is passé tomorrow. The workforce is challenged as never before to keep up with the newest, most improved methods of production, only to be replaced by machines that work round the clock for less money.

It feels like every facet of our lives is being turned upside down. Each time we attain a measure of equilibrium, the tables are flipped over on us again. Someone stop the world, I’d like to get off.

God offers us a place to beat the heat and find rest and refreshment. He provides the shade with the shadow of His hand. He stepped in between us and the perpetrator of global warming, satan, and provided a buffer from the onslaught of pressures our enemy exerts. The solution is found in our mouths. God placed His words in us, but it’s our responsibility to speak them out loud and unleash their creative power. Can you use some shade today? Speak God’s Word.

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