Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Get “Stonewalled”

…you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Christ Jesus
1 Peter 2:5

I enjoy driving country roads. When we lived in the Northeast it wasn’t unusual to see stone walls that marked property lines. Some over one hundred years old are as strong and stable as the day they were built. These are testimonies to the composition of the material and the skill of the builder.

Stone walls have more character than ones constructed from bricks or other uniform materials. Each stone’s unique make-up is considered throughout the building process. Unlike bricks with a consistent shape and size, stones are non-conformists; no two are alike. Finding those that fit together takes time and effort.

God prefers building with stones, men prefer bricks. Easier to work with, bricks fit snugly together quickly with minimal effort. For physical structures, bricks are acceptable; for building “the church” they’re faulty at best. Left to our own devices, we opt for the fast, easy method. We want everyone on the same page, thinking the same way and lining up perfectly. Give us uniformity and we can whip up a church into existence in record time. If it takes clones to produce a harmonious body, bring them on. God, however, has a different approach.

God loves individuality. Look at His creation; it’s neither boring nor static. When He builds He takes His time; He’s in no rush. God fits stones in their proper place that preserves their integrity. He optimizes their differences in order to create a strong structure. He’ll search far and wide for just the right one. Together they won’t make a sleek, smooth finish, but that doesn’t faze Him one bit. Their one-of-a-kind shapes and composition complement each other and are perfect for His design.

Unfortunately, God has to deal with our “help” while He builds His church. Finding the right combination takes too much time, so we opt for conformity. It’s easier to relocate when we can plug in anywhere we choose. We minor on what we see and feel; God majors on the spiritual; what’s invisible to our naked eyes. We're not designed to fit just anywhere. He has a specific place that only we can fill.

Sometimes it feels like an uncomfortable balancing act, and it is; just ask any master stone mason. God’s perspective is much different than ours. We see only our immediate surroundings. He sees the whole building and it’s a magnificent edifice. He likes the personality and distinction each stone contributes. They add beauty and character not found in bricks. Let’s allow the Master Builder to place us where He sees fit. Let’s get "stonewalled".

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