Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Smack Dab in the Middle

From there he (Abram) relocated to the mountain east of Beth-el and pitched his tent, with Beth-el on the west and Ai on the east; and he built there an altar to Hashem and invoked Hashem by name. Then Abram journeyed on, journeying steadily to the south”
Genesis 12:8-9 (Tanach).

Fresh off the good news of impending fatherhood personally delivered by God, Abram was on the move. To get a new perspective the plainsman moved up a mountain. To his left was Beth-el, the House of God (a Rock) and to his right, Ai the heap of ruins (a hard place). Directly ahead lay the land promised to him and his offspring. Like his descendants the Israelites, Abram's land was occupied territory. Would the inhabitants gladly pack up and leave – not likely.

View a problem from a higher elevation and something remarkable occurs. Obstacles and giants so large and formidable shrink dramatically. Seeing the terrain through God's eyes produces insights we'd miss at ground level. Abram was smack dab in the middle. He could go forward or retreat.

We find ourselves in similar predicaments. An escape from our Egypt leads us the to brink of our Promised Land. Like  Abram and later the Israelites we have to decide what to do. Percentage wise the Israelites had a higher probability of success than their forefather. They numbered in the millions and were led by Moses a former Egyptian army commander. Abram's army consisted of his household servants. God, however, cares little about numbers. He accomplishes great things with small amounts:

1.One sacrifice redeemed all of mankind and it only took a weekend;
2.Gideon, plus three hundred men defeated the whole Midianite army, Judges 7:7;
3.God used four lepers unafraid to die to drive away the Arameans and end the siege of Samaria, 2 Kings 7:3-7;
4.Jesus trained twelve disciples and eleven of them revolutionized the whole world.

Maybe we need to view our situations from a higher, Heavenly vantage point. We're in Christ so we're unstoppable. The first time around may not produce the desire result. Unlike Greek linear thinking, Point A leads to Point B, Hebraic thinking is cyclical. Miss it this time and another opportunity always lies ahead. Keep going. Either we make the goal or end our journey in faith.

How about you? What God-given dream or promise has eluded you or has died on the vine? If our walk with God is cyclical, how can you prepare now for your next date with destiny? When you find yourself like Abram, smack dab in the middle, between a rock and a hard place, change your perspective. View your circumstance from a higher elevation through God's eyes and don't turn back. Move forward.

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