Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Light Is On But Is Anyone Home?

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life" John 8:12.

Jesus drew a sharp distinction. He is the Light of the world, not the sun.

No one experiences unending daylight. Northern climes that have extended periods of almost 24 hours of daylight have off-setting seasons of near to total darkness. That's how our planet works.

Jesus is the Energizer Bunny of Light. "He keeps shining and shining and shining." How does He do it? A look into deep space reveals an ever increasing expanse of darkness punctuated by stars, moon, planets, galaxies. Where's the single prevailing source of light?

Paul addressed this in Col. 1:17. "And himself is before all, and all things in him have consisted" (Youngs). All of our ever expanding cosmos is in Him, therefore, it is completely encased in light. The Psalmist knew this. "if I go up to Heaven, you are there..." Psalm 139:8. Did he know how accurate his words really are? Were it possible to travel to the very edges of space, we'd find light.

Good news. Light isn't diminished by one iota of any form of darkness. Once you know it's there, you can't miss it. It's a matter of perception.

How can those who know the Light personally and consciously live in it help those in darkness find their way home? Many use the cover of darkness to hide things they don't wish to be seen or as a place to hide when they don't want to be found. The best way to help them move into the realization that they're already in the light is simple. Inform them that there's an easy solution...change their thinking.

"Your indifferent mind-set alienated you from God into a lifestyle of annoyances, hardships and labors. Yet he has now reconciled and restored you to your original designs" Col. 1:20 (Mirror Bible).

The darkness they think hides and protects them is just a figment of their imagination. From God's perspective, it's non-existent. He's already brought them back in line with His original intent; all they need to do is believe and receive. Jesus is the door that's always open. Once inside, they'll see the light's been on all along.

For those of us already in a relationship with Christ what may feel like a season of darkness is never the absence of light. Unlike the sun that sometimes you see and sometimes you don't, Jesus keeps shining and shining and shining.

How about you? Which sounds more like good news to you? "Turn or Burn" or "Do you realize that as far as God is concerned, you're not His enemy?" It's great news to let those in the dark know that the light is on and they're already home. All they have to do is believe, receive and walk on in.

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  1. So good! Blessings on your gift, talent and skill as a revelatory wordsmith. Painting beautiful pictures with words inspired by the Spirit.