Tuesday, March 10, 2015


...for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day” 1 Timothy 1:12

Heart fluttering like a flag in a hurricane, eyes clenched shut I reached for the handle. Sweaty palms hampered a firm grip. Inhaling through gritted teeth, I pulled the lever of the Spiritual Slot Machine. God I hope this works.

Have you ever embarked on a journey with God based on apprehension and not confidence? Why do we feel that way? Isn't our God big enough to accomplish the impossible? He thinks so – shouldn't we? Swallowing a mega dose of Hopium, we step out.

To our credit, we've moved. How often do we never leave Square One? Unconvinced that God is able or willing, we place more faith in the devil's ability to trick and deceive us than in God's power to safely lead us. Paul didn't suffer from fear of an incompetent God. His God was more than capable to provide everything needed. How did Paul pull this off so successfully?

The apostle shared two keys that freed him to follow God with reckless abandon. Before he ventured out Paul had two mindsets firmly established; he believed and was persuaded.

After he encountered Jesus on the Damascus Road, Paul developed an intimate relationship with his Lord. A head full of knowledge taught him all about God, but the Jewish scholar didn't know God personally. Having missed the mark so badly Paul didn't gamble his life away based on information only.

We'll never succeed if we refuse to commit. Unless we firmly believe and are fully persuaded that God is Who He claims to be, we'll continue to play the Spiritual Slot Machine.

Our culture encourages and applauds achievement, the visible, quantifiable type. Results are important. Often overlooked, even discounted is the hard work and sacrifice necessary to attain those kind of results. Time spent in the spotlight pales in comparison to the preparation and on-going effort required to achieve and maintain any high level of accomplishment.

Christians can fall into the same trap. Ask the average believer how much quality time they spend with God daily. Don't be surprised if it is pathetically little to none. Is it any wonder that few find success the way God defines it? Pressured to do something, many take a chance and hope for the best – a recipe for disaster.

Do you find it hard to fit God into your schedule? No condemnation – there's still time to rearrange priorities. Start small and build up from there. Ask God for creative strategies to develop more time with Him and He'll help you. As the relationship deepens the level of fear and apprehension diminishes. Confidence, now based on belief and persuasion, not Hopium, empowers you to step out boldly into unfamiliar territory. Convinced that God's got your back you'll experience adventures you only dared to dream about.

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