Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Holy Place

“The nations will realize that I God made Israel holy when my holy place of worship is established at the center of their lives forever,” Ezekiel 37:28.

In context this verse refers to Israel's future. The bible teaches God's rule on earth will be established and emanate from Jerusalem and Israel. Nations will flock to worship Him there. I've found another nugget of truth applicable to all believers, Jew and Gentile.

Want to introduce others to God and to His ability to make people and things holy? Establish a place of worship to Him at the center of your life. With God firmly enthroned in your heart, the core of your being changes. You don't fix yourself, He does. Forget the long dresses, no make-up and bee-hive hairdos (why is it always women who have to look weird) unless that's your preference. On a mission to anoint the future king of Israel, God warned Samuel against making snap judgments based on looks. Men focus on what's visible; God looks at the heart. Outward appearances don't mean squat.

When God totally captures our hearts others take note. This doesn't mean we never trip up but those instances diminish greatly. Transformed from the inside out, our behavior and demeanor take on a new persona. We don't try to act holy, it happens naturally and people can distinguish what's real from what's contrived. True holiness is the antithesis of the world system, counter-culture to the max. No need for neon lights, blinking directional signs, three piece suits and a hearty amen. A holy person shines like a candle. Automatically and effortlessly they dispel the darkness.

Relax, ditch the behavior modification and self-improvement programs. They may produce some change but the effects will be short lived. Make your heart a place of worship where God resides and alters to fit His liking. Live a life of worship and gratitude and you'll be a living, breathing, walking advertisement for the holiness of God, AND you won't look goofy!

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