Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Make Them An Offer They Can't Refuse

“Freely you have received, freely give” Matthew 10:8

A few months ago I attended my first new age expo. Note to “the church,” go where the fish are. A friend who participates in street and marketplace ministry took out a short term loan and in a step of faith, rented a booth for this event. He recruited volunteers from various churches and fellowships to help. At the suggestion of his church he asked those working the booth to chip in $20 a piece to help defray expenses. God had a better idea.

Two days before the expo a local prayer group was asked to pray for those who would minister at the outreach. Besides praying that God's love would be poured out in great measure, they took up an offering. Almost the entire entry fee was collected!

My husband and I were scheduled to work the first shift on Saturday morning. Rising early, Joe went to spend quiet time with God. He anticipated serious resistance and was pleasantly surprised when the Lord said that this would be a Holy Ghost fun time. So much for the doldrums, break out the party hats.

When we arrived, the Original Territorial Spirit came with us and He immediately established supremacy. From the opening we had a steady stream of people who took advantage of our free services: healing (physical, emotional and spiritual), spiritual cleansing (salvation), spiritual alignment (deliverance), spiritual readings (words of prophecy and wisdom) and spirit art. As the day progressed the crowds swelled and spilled out into the aisle and the empty space across from the booth. The keynote speaker, presenters, vendors and their customers all came to receive ministry.

My friend Arvin flows freely and powerfully with words of wisdom and prophecy. He opted to walk around and engage vendors at their booths. On practitioner offered him a check up. She was accustomed to “cutting cords” from people, but Arvin had none. “They” told her that he needed an alignment, but she couldn't see anything out of whack. She also specialized in resurrections but Arvin assured her that he was already resurrected!  Arvin then asked the woman who “they” were that she made reference to. She replied she had two spirit guides: a shaman and a gypsy fairy. She was astonished that Arvin could see and describe her shaman.

Curious she asked why we did everything for free. She paid for any information gleaned from her guides. When Arvin asked what they charged she avoided a direct answer. He discerned that every time she got something, they took a piece of her mind causing her to have difficulty “connecting the dots.” Her husband and daughter confirmed this was true. Arvin explained to her that we have a river that flows freely out of us all the time. There’s never any lack and because we receive freely, we give what we have away at no cost. The vendor next to our booth told Arvin he needed to be grounded. Arvin responded that he was firmly grounded on The Rock. This vendor wanted Arvin to send his excess energy back into the earth because he sucked it out of those he came in contact with and interfered with their abilities.

For two days we freely shared God's love to people who not only paid an entry fee to the event but who also were prepared to spend money for help. Some received healing, others words of encouragement, comfort and direction. Some even received Jesus as Lord. Many were surprised to find Christians in that type of venue and doing the kinds of things we did. When my friend went to purchase the booth the promoter told him that he anticipated Christians to show up and make a scene. That didn't happen but God came and He stole the show.

Most of the attendees and vendors we interacted with were sweet, gentle people looking for something they should find, but often don’t, in most churches. Many sampled a form of Christianity they never knew existed, and they liked it. Put down the placards and discard the angry rhetoric. They don't work. Make people an offer that's hard to refuse. Pick up the love of God and give it away liberally, for free. You'll be surprised how well it will be received.

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