Monday, August 26, 2013

Thanks For Nothing

I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Romans 8:39

“Thanks for nothing!” I’ve said this before and my tone and attitude didn’t ooze gratitude. Romans 8:39 provides a fresh perspective for this phrase. There is no-thing, nothing that separates me from God’s love. On my worst days, amid my greatest failures and defeats, God still loves me. I need to know this when I’m tempted to give up on myself. There is One whose love never quits.

“So God, thanks for nothing!” When it came to my salvation it cost me nothing. You paid for it in full with the life of your Son, Jesus. When I need healing, it costs me nothing. Jesus bought that for me by the stripes on his back. There is nothing, no-thing that separates me from Your love. My whiny, snot brat attitude doesn’t deter Your affection for me. When I lose my temper and act more like the devil than Jesus, You’re still madly in love with me. I’m amazed. During those times I don’t even like me. When I’m ready to give up on myself, You refuse to follow suit.

Nothing ever comes between us and God’s love. Paul had his own version of a most excellent adventure when he came face to face with the Lord on the road to Damascus. He went from prominent, powerful member of the Jewish religious community who championed the persecution of the early church, to a man rejected by the Jews and viewed with suspicion by Christians. From the limelight to the backside of the desert overnight, this educated Pharisee returned to elementary school for re-education. Paul often worked to support his ministry and suffered rounds of abuse from those who rejected his message. He worked miracles, spoke before rulers and authorities and single-handedly wrote most of the New Testament, compliments of an extended stay while under arrest by the Roman government. He learned that during the very best and the very worst of times God’s love remained constant and unconditional. He could truly say, “God, thanks for nothing!”

To be grateful for nothing seems odd. Love and appreciation are a response to something we’ve received or experienced. Nothing now takes on new significance. There are no barriers, no impediments, no circumstances, no-things that can come between us and His love.

           Like the Energizer Bunny, God’s love, “keeps going and going and going!” Hey God, thanks for nothing!”

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