Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who Fixed the Roof?

Some men came bringing to him (Jesus) a paralytic, carried by four of them. Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus and, after digging through it, lowered the mat the paralyzed man was lying on.
Mark 2:3-4

The four guys were on a mission. Paralyzed and beyond the help of medical science, their friend needed help. The solution was simple; get the man to Jesus the healer.

The crowd that day was SRO - Standing Room Only.  To get their friend inside was impossible. Adamant and resourceful, the men took serious risks in order to accomplish their goal.

I wonder what Jesus, the home owner and the others inside thought when they heard the commotion up on the roof? Did they scramble for safety as building materials rained down on them? What was their reaction when a man on a pallet floated down from a hole in the ceiling and landed at Jesus’ feet? If they had hoped to see a miracle, they weren’t disappointed. Was there a spontaneous outburst of joy and celebration when the crippled man stood up healed? This story, with the happy ending, leaves one important, unanswered question. Who fixed the roof? In order to accommodate a man on a pallet, the hole would have been quite large.

If this scenario took place today at my house, how would I react? The sound of footsteps on the roof brings a few choice words to mind immediately: liability, lawsuits and homeowner’s insurance. A fall from a roof of any height can be disastrous. On one side of our house the drop is over twenty feet. That would be a nasty fall.

How would I feel is someone ripped off the shingles and proceeded to cut through the roof deck? Would I wait for the dry wall to start to fall before I fought my way outside to see who destroyed my home and why? Probably not. Would I be impressed with the faith and tenacity of the men who knew Jesus was their friend’s only hope; or would I be really upset that they damaged my home in pursuit of their cause? Would I be ecstatic to see a man healed or would I be absorbed with calculations of the cost of repairs, not to mention the inconvenience? I’m not sure I like my answers to those questions.

I’ve not found a biblical account of a miraculous roof repair. The bible is silent about the homeowner’s reaction to the destruction of his property. I doubt my first impression would have been very spiritual; sad, but true. If I can give a person in need of an encounter with Jesus, is it worth anything it might cost? It should be.

What is the chance that I’ll face a major home repair, such as a hole in my roof, in order to provide someone access to God? Probably very slim. Is there a strong possibility that an opportunity to share the gospel will arise that could be a major inconvenience or hardship if I choose to participate? When that happens, how will I react? Will I see it as an opportunity to invest in a life changing event for someone, or fume that my hard earned money will benefit someone else beside me? Uh oh, I think I hear footsteps on my roof.

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  1. Mary: This is a good post. I, too, would not like my first thoughts about hearing the commotion and seeing someone lowered down from my roof. Could those who witnessed the man's healing have pitched in an fixed the hole? I don't know but it's something to think about.